Chantaburi Fish Market

While on a weekend trip to Sattahip, we drove past Klaeng and Rayong to another seaside village on the Gulf of Thailand, Chantaburi. There we walked through a nicely preserved mangrove forest at Kung Krabaen Bay (“Stingray Bay”) before heading back to Bangkok. On the way out of Chantaburi, we stopped at a fish market at the intersection which has a statue of three large dudong (similar to a manatee) in the middle.

The market consisted of a few few vegetable and fruit stands as well. This is were the locals would buy most of their groceries and some household items. The produce is mostly local, although most of the fruit is from other areas. They even had “yum kung,” or spicy rock lobster salad.

We stopped to look at the seafood in case we wanted to buy some fresh shrimp, squid or saltwater fish. My father saw one of the seafood vendors had live “poo dum,” or black crab and decided to buy one bunch. There were 7 large crabs all together and we paid a mere 280 baht for approximately 2 kilograms. In the Bangkok area, expect to pay closer to 300-350 baht per kilgogram.

We also saw a banana fritter vendor and bought a small bag for 10 baht. It was a tasty snack for us to eat in the car on the drive back to Bangkok.



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