Brick Bar at Khaosan Road

For those of you searching for live music that can really get you dancing, try spending an evening at Brick Bar in Khaosan Road. It calls itself the best ska and reggae joint on Khaosan Road and I’ll venture to say it’s probably one of the best in Bangkok. Brick Bar has a very chilled atmosphere and you aren’t expected to dress up to come and dance here. All the walls are covered in warm brick giving the place a cozy, European pub feel, not like the lounges in the high society areas. 

Every night from 9pm-1am you can listen to up to three different acts and Brick Bar definitely advertises this variety. All the bands are local and generally play Thai music with their own ska or reggae twist. Among the regular bands to play at Brick Bar are Teddy Ska, Joy Boy, Cheay, Big Daddy, Liva De Puillet, Zo What and Hoochie Choochie Man.

I really enjoy hearing the horns at Brick Bar because these instruments are rarely heard live, especially in Bangkok. Once in awhile you’ll get an English song from Slime and the like, but even if you aren’t familiar with Thai pop songs, you will definitely want to dance along. Actually, the popular Thai songs are the best because that’s when most of the crowd, which is Thai, will get the most animated. Most of the Thais who frequent Brick Bar are the younger, university segment of society, so expect plenty of frisky, energetic dancers. I also noticed several excellent male dancers, who unfortunately, gay.

Location: 265 Khaosan Road, Taladyod, Phanakorn, Bangkok, 10200

How to get there: Parking is hard to find around Khaosan so unless you are familiar with the parking areas, just take a taxi to Khaosan Road. Brick Bar is located in the Buddy Lodge Group, the same building as the Buddy Hotel and Cafe, McDonald’s and Coffee World. If you go all the way to the back of the walkway, you’ll see the entrance to Brick Bar.

Cost: The night that I went there was a 150 baht cover at the door, which entitled you to one drink (Heineken, Smirnoff, San Miguel, etc.)

Tips: Get there early to grab a table if you have a big party. If you open a bottle it will be easier to snag a table, but otherwise you can stand anywhere you can find a spot. My favorite location is the stairs.

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