Thai Currency


The Thai unit of currency is the baht. Although the conversion rate changes daily, one US dollar is worth around 34-36 baht. You can also get a lot more for your dollar when travelling in Thailand as a plate of food at a local restaurant costs around 30-40 baht per dish and drinks are usually around 10-20 baht.

Paper Money and Coins

In Thailand, paper money is easily identified by its color. The green notes is the smallest value and is worth 20 baht. Less common is the blue 50 baht note. 100 baht notes are red and 500 baht notes are purple. The largest denomination is 1,000 baht and the notes is white and grey.  Each bill is marked with it’s value in Arabic and Thai numerals. Prominent on each bill is the portrait of the current king, King Bhumibol.

Each baht is divided further into 100 satang. This is similar to the way one dollar is divided into 100 cents. The tiny copper-colored coins are valued at 25 and 50 satang.  You’ll need to look closely to differentiate them. The 50 satang coin is slightly larger than the 25 satang coin. There are few of these coins in circulation and are primarily used in larger supermarkets and departments stores.

There are also silver-colored coins in denominations of 1, 2 and 5 baht. The 1 and 2 baht coins are very similar and you must be careful not to unwittingly use the less common 2 baht coin.  Also, some coin machines will not accept them. The 10 baht coin is the largest coin in circulation and is unique in its design in that it has a copper-colored center surrounded by a silver-colored ring. All coins also have the king’s portrait featured on the front side.

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