5 Qualities of Social Enterpreneurs

Social entrepreneurs all around the world are working to provide opportunities and hope for marginalized and disadvantaged peoples. They address such issues to reporting of human rights violations to helping underprivileged children learn how to read. Whether they work in a local context or an international scale, social entrepreneurs are committed to reshaping society with their innovative solutions. These solution-minded and practical thinkers are not afraid to tackle some of the world’s toughest problems because they strive for the betterment of society.

Social Entrepreneurs are:

  • Ambitious: One can’t take on the world’s social problems without a bit of ambition. No matter what organization or cause they champion, social entrepreneurs have to possess the drive to tackle these issues. Social entrepreneurs act as leads in nonprofits organizations, social purpose ventures such as for-profit community development banks and hybrid organizations that are a mixture of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
  • Mission driven: In a society that is largely driven by money and power, social entrepreneurs value social betterment over personal wealth betterment. While wealth creation may be a side product, it is not an end in itself or the primary purpose. Generating social value and social change is the real objective.
  • Strategic: Social entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities that others miss. They problem solve to develop solutions to social issues and invent new approaches create social value. Business-like thinking and determination is what keeps social entrepreneurs focused on the prize – their social vision.
  • Resourceful: Working to solve social problems often requires more than a little resourcefulness. Social entrepreneurs have to deal with issues of limited capital and manpower since they operate within a social context. In order to get the things done, social entrepreneurs must be able to gather and mobilize human, financial and political resources.
  • Results oriented: In the end, social entrepreneurs are driven to bring quantifiable results and progress towards their social vision. When their ideas and solutions become reality and positive social change results, a social entrepreneur becomes truly successful and more driven to continue on their path to help the disadvantaged.

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