World Summit on Social Entrepreneurship in Phuket, Thailand March 2008

This spring i-genius will be holding the World Summit on Social Entrepreneurship in Phuket, Thailand from March 13-16, 2008. i-genius is a world community of social entrepreneurs and seeks to inspire a new generation of social innovators, social business and social enterprise. i-genius has members in over 70 countries who are looking to help others and make a difference. i-genius helps people promote what they are doing, their work, their ideas, their passion – and through our community, enables them to connect with others.

i-genius’ ethos is to create

  • a place to meet amazing people
  • an event where the participants create the energy to make things happen
  • an environment where strong friendships are formed and great friendships made

The event will bring together social entrepreneurs from all around the world with leaders in government, investors and NGOs. It promises to be a place to develop ideas, network and begin to stimulate social change. The conference will be held at the superb 5 star Indigo Pearl resort. The location was chosen for its eco-friendly policies and inspiring backdrop.

The summit will be focused on four main themes:

  • Opportunities for social entrepreneurs in a changing world
  • Communications and media
  • Network and partnership building
  • Funding

Anyone who would like share ideas, develop ideas with social benefit, develop a social purpose to their work, create a business with a social purpose, partner with social entrepreneurs or connect with media organizations to promote their work should consider attending this event.


March 13, 2008


  • Registration
  • Evening poolside reception

March 14, 2008

Opportunities and Partnerships

  • “Spirit of Thailand” – briefing of Thai culture
  • Opportunities for social entrepreneurs in a changing world
  • Creating networks and partnerships
  • “A Space” for participants to share/develop ideas and to form partnerships
  • Gala dinner with Thai cultural performance and i-genius award for the most inspiring of the new generation of social entrepreneurs

March 15, 2008

Communications and Investments

  • Sharp communicating – branding and sustainability, social marketing, public speaking, film, web, photography, PR & media
  • Future trends in technology – a cultural perspective
  • Building and growing a new business
  • Attracting investors – “live” pitches
  • Inspiring short film and beach party

March 16, 2008

Corporate partnerships and support for social entrepreneurs

  • Partnering with government/agencies, corporate sponsors, NGOs/foundations
  • Supporting social entrepreneur – learning and scholarship opportunities
  • Future plans and opportunities with i-genius

What: World Summit on Social Entrepreneurship

Who: i-genius

When: March 13-16, 2008

Why: to build community of social entrepreneurs and develop ideas to promote social change throughout the world

How: attend the summit and make the connections need to bring socially important ideas to fruition

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