Southern California Christmas

I have been in the US for about two weeks now for the holidays. I have been lax in posting for the last week since I have been spending time with friends and family. I’ve also been traveling around California and I just got back from a weekend in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo. It was wonderful to see the California coast and I enjoyed seeing the unique California lifestyle. Even the ocean smelled different to me, saltier somehow. Christmas day was spent biking along Newport beach and many other California’s were out enjoying the seascape as well, from surfers to families. The weather was sunny and breezy. We might not have a White Christmas in Southern California, but we make do somehow.

No trip to America would be complete without several shopping trips. It seems like the holidays brings out the shopper in most people, but when I first arrived it was the week before Christmas and everyone was out. Since I was only casually shopping, I’d often walk around the store with one “maybe” item in my hand and then when I was ready to leave I’d glimpse at the checkout line. Once I say ten people waiting for two registers, I’d slyly put the “maybe” item back, I didn’t really want it anyway, and walk out of the store. It was only when I had a “really want” or “must have” item that I’d consider waiting in line and only after reconsidering the purchase a few more times.

A pleasant surprise for me is the abundance of Sephora stores these days. For those of you who don’t know what Sephora is, it is a beauty retail store from Europe where you can find brands such as Philosophy, Benefit, Hard Candy, Cargo, Bliss, Bare Escentuals and L’Occitane. It used to be that the only Sephora location close to me would be South Coast Plaza. If I went to South Coast Plaza, I’d be a trip especially to go to Sephora since most of the stores in South Coast are very expensive. Nowadays, Sephora’s are everywhere and there are over 40 locations in California.  On my weekend trip, I spotted a Sephora in Santa Barbara and even in the smaller city of San Luis Obispo. Closer to me are the Cerritos and Brea locations. Be forewarned however, that Sephora can lead to one easily dropping $100 on miscellaneous beauty and pampering products. My excuse is “We don’t have this in Thailand!”

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