Mini Cooper at Motor Expo 2007

While I was at the Motor Expo a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist snapping some shots of my favorite little car. There was an entire booth dedicated to the Mini Cooper’s from the Next Millennium showroom in Bangkok. The on right up from was the classic red with white roof and racing strips, although a silver and grey Mini Cooper were parked right behind it. All of the Minis on display were used vehicles for less than 2 million baht, considerably more reasonable than 2.4-2.8 for the new 2007 models. Since Minis don’t really change much and advertise their classic styling, a pre-loved Mini Cooper could bring you just as much fun as a brand new Mini Cooper with a much lower price tag.

This is the interior of the Mini Cooper when you go inside the vehicle through the fifth door. You can see that there is no much room between the small trunk, the back row and the front seats, but you’ve got all the basics you need in a car, as well as some of the fun features and cool interior. The seats and dash are black but the dials are primarily white to contrast all of the dark coolers. Of course, it all feels rather sporty and befits this speedy little car.

This is a shot of the trunk with the hatch open. Don’t plan on taking any long camping trips with the Mini as it can barely pack enough luggage for two people on a weekend trip. We all know that the Mini Cooper is perfect for a cramped metropolis like Bangkok, but it’s ill suited for large families, toting lots of people or lots of stuff. However, if you are a high society (hi-so) Bangkokian who needs to zip around Bangkok in style, it’s perfect for squeezing through those tight streets in Sukhumvit!

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