Pomelo Liquor Rise In Popularity

A new Thai product is increasing in distribution. It is a brandy made from the pomelo fruit. A pomelo is a citrus fruit often mistakenly called a grapefruit. It is actually much sweeter and has larger sacs than a grapefruit. The liquor is now available at select International airports and hotels in Thailand.

From the Nation newspaper in Thailand.

Fruit liquor sells well

Sawasdee Brewery, a producer of pomelo liquor, is reaping the fruits of its creativity. The product has proved popular with tourists after being on the market for only a year.

Published on December 11, 2007

The company is asking Bangkok Airways, the operator of Samui Airport, to distribute the liquor there and at U-Tapao Airport, near Pattaya. A deal could be signed this year, managing director Pacharaporn Kerdkaewfa said.

The drink is available at King Power Duty Free at Suvarnabhumi Airport and its downtown store.

Orders are received from hotels in tourist destinations such as Phuket.

Pacharaporn decided on pomelo for the fruity brandy because she lives in Nakhon Chai Si district of Nakhon Pathom, home to the country’s best pomelo. The beverage comes in a specially designed bottle.

“I wanted to market a unique product. The company’s target buyers are tourists with large incomes. At the beginning, I wanted to sell it at Suvarnabhumi Airport, which accommodates more than 40 million passengers a year. I sent the liquor to the purchase department of King Power for testing and they accepted it,” she said.

Pacharaporn said Korean and Russian tourists especially liked the brandy.

At present, the company produces 5,000 bottles a month but can increase that.

Besides Suvarnabhumi, she plans to sell at other international airports.

She wants to distribute to Chiang Mai and Phuket airports’ duty-free shops.

“My company’s gone further than I expected. It is growing after just one year,” she said.

Sawasdee will make a dragon-fruit gin next year.

She hopes Thai Airways International will stock it on its flights. She said this was a good way to promote fruity liquors.

Sawasdee manufactures spa products made from coconut and pomelo, such as coconut oil and pomelo scrub, she said.

“Liquor and spa products are in the same market. Both are distributed in hotels and high-end pubs,” she said.

Nalin Viboonchart

 The Nation

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