Global Climate Change and Thailand’s Coast

If you are in Thailand and visit the seaside towns of Hua Hin and several less touristy beaches south of there, you can see how roads running parallel to the beaches have been washed away. Many times these roads are repaired only to be pounded on in the next monsoon season and get washed away again. Of course, in these areas the beaches are spotted with resorts which motivate the repairs and these businesses will invest money and time into protecting their shoreline and adjacent beachfront.

This video shows how global climate change is altering the coast of Thailand. It depicts locals who live along the Gulf of Thailand with their description of how the shoreline has been eaten away and their village has had to move several times to escape the encroaching waves. Often times, the direct effects of global climate change are hard to see, but in this short video we can see how these villagers’ lives are affected by global climate change and how their homes are being altered year by year.

About this video:

The UN is warning that Bangkok is one of thirteen cities at risk of disappearing into the sea because of climate change.
Al Jazeera’s Selina Downes been taking a look at how authorities in Thailand’s capital are trying to tackle the problem.

Date Added:

December 10, 2007

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