Thailand International Motor Expo 2007

On Sunday I entered a crowded exhibit hall at Muang Thong Thani’s Challenger 1-3 to view the cars on display at the 24th annualThailand International Motor Expo 2007. The event had an 80 baht ticket fee for adults, but children were free. Many people got free tickets prior to the event and simply had to exchange a voucher for the ticket. The Motor Expo was open from November 29th to December 10, 2008. It is the end of year equivalent to the Motor Show which comes in March and April at BITEC.

Most of the major car brands were there including: BMW, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Isuzu, Honda, Mini, Subaru, Citron, Ford, Chevy and Mitsubishi. There were a few new names from foreign car makes as well like Ssangyong and Proton. Ssangyong is a Korean car maker which seems to be coming strong in the Thai market, especially with their large vehicle, family-style lineup of vans and SUVs.

Ssangyong Undercarriage

Other than the more common car brands like Honda and Toyota, the Motor Expo had a variety of other vehicles for you to see while walking around the Challenger Halls 1-3 at Muang Thong Convention Center. Luxury car brands like Porshe, Ferrari, Maserati and Bently had at least one car on display. You could even see a few racing vehicles like rally cars, F1 boats and competition off-road trucks.

F1 boat

Mitsubishi SUV

Classic American Car on display

Toyota I-Unit, concept vehicle

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