Sugar Gliders – My New Addition

Since the beginning of this month, I have been watching my female sugar glider very closely. I noticed a small bulge on her belly that seemed to get larger over the course of two weeks. I did a little research on the Internet and confirmed my suspicions that my sugar glider was carrying a baby sugar glider in her pouch.

I’ve had this pair of sugar glider for over a years and since the female reached sexual maturity almost six months ago, I was surprised at this new revelation. All of a sudden, my male sugar glider was blind and my female was carrying and nursing a new sugar glider inside her pouch. Sugar gliders are marsupials, so they are like kangaroos. The female has a pouch on the lower part of her abdomen in which the young are carried. They give birth to the fetus, which is small, pink and extremely helpless. The newborn makes its way to the pouch and attaches itself to a nipple inside. There in the pouch it will continue to grow and develop. The baby will only be seen when it is already covered with hair.

I didn’t see my baby sugar glider until this week. One evening, I noticed the female sugar glider was running around the cage without the large bulge in her pouch. I knew that the baby had finally come out of the pouch, so I searched for it in the tissue box which the gliders had been nesting in lately. The male was in the box with the baby and he was a little grumpy when I started messing around the the box. I was able to see our new addition, completely covered in fur, but with its eyes still closed. The baby was trying to stay in the protection of its father. He tried to keep the baby under his body, but did not behave aggressively towards me.

I haven’t seen the baby since then because I don’t want to disturb the baby when it is so young. I’ve been giving the sugar gliders extra food and more protein because the lactating mother will need the additional nutrients to support her baby for awhile still. There have been no complications so far with the baby and I can’t wait to hold the little guy in my hand.

2 thoughts on “Sugar Gliders – My New Addition

  1. Hi. I’m just discovering your blog. Over the past twelve years, we have had a total of five sugar gliders living with us. (First a family of three. Now, two half-brothers.)

    I’m sorry to hear about the male’s blindness. We have had no experience with that.

    Congratulations on the new joey, however.

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