Elephant Attack in Khao Yai

Video of an Asian elephant attacking in Khao Yai National Park. Elephants are often seen around Khao Yai, especially in the area of Haew Narok Waterfall. The night safari guide says they often “play” around the Park Headquarters at night and love to eat the corn that is grown especially for them. He mentioned that a person was recently charged and had to run up a tree to get away from the elephant. It seems that it happens quite frequently because stupid people do stupid things.

I was fortunate to see one elephant on the side of the road and all of the trucks and cars slowed to a stop. There were trucks full of tourists and I thought that if something happens, I hope they don’t fall out! Some vehicles wanted to pass and they did so very slowly. Once the elephant walked into the forest, I took a deep breath. I  was glad that I was fairly protected in a van.

On another occasion, I was with a guide on a high school trip and came across several elephants in the jungle. The guide was experienced and kept us downwind of the elephants. We had to be very quiet and waited for the elephants to leave when they wanted. Another frightening, yet amazing experience.

In the video, the man is saying “pai” which means “go” in Thai. Basically, he’s saying “Let’s get out of here!” It’s hilarious that this is being videotaped as the person holding the camera is sitting in a truck looking back on the elephant. The elephant makes a pretty good chase and I’m sure everyone who experienced it felt they were lucky to get away.


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