Premier Bird Guide for Thailand

A Field Guide to the Birds of Thailand
by Craig Robson

This book has been called the “must-have” for any birder in Thailand. It is recommended for novice and expert bird watchers alike since it is the most up-to-date book for Thailand. This guide includes all but the most recent additions to the Thai list. It also is convenient for use in the field as it’s size and weight do not compromise portability for the completeness of the book. The organization of the book is something to mention as it is very clear and precise. All left side pages contain text relating to the illustrations on the opposite page. The text for each species consists of a clear and updated distribution map. The illustrations also include several varieties of the species such as male, breeding male,  female and juvenile, when appropriate.

One downside to this field guide is the lack of mention of the birds’ habitats. It appears that space has limited the amount of text dedicated to matters other than pure identification features. Perhaps the authors forgot that another way to identifying and differentiating bird species is via bird behavior.

Despite this major fault, this books is essential for any birding trip in Thailand. It is more than sufficient for identifying all of the bird species that you may encounter in around Thailand.

Price: 695 baht


  • 128 color plates
  • great detail and organization
  • well spaced and clearly annotated
  • size and weight good for field
  • text page opposite illustrations

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