New Zealand Travel – October 2007

I will be leaving Thailand for 3 weeks to chaperone several students from our school to New Zealand. The school has connections in New Zealand which has enabled us to have a English Camp during the Thai school break in October. Our kids are able to go to a local New Zealand school, travel around the area of Aukland, Tauranga and Rotoruo while learning and using English.

 Having never been to New Zealand myself, I am excited to see new places. New Zealand is known for its beautiful landscape and abundant natural wonders. I tried to do a little research about New Zealand but I am not sure how much I will be permitted to see as I will be responsible for being with the kids most of the time we are there. We will be sightseeing with the students while we are there and I will view this as my introduction to New Zealand that was sponsored by the school.

I’m sure that I will enjoy my visit and plan on returning on my own to see the sites that I choose myself. We are only going to the north island with the students so perhaps the south island will by my next travel destination in New Zealand. Both north island and south island are on the BBC’s list of 50 places to visit before you die so both islands must be worth visiting in their own right.

If you are looking to go to New Zealand from Thailand as well, make sure you book well in advance if it is during Thai school holidays. We had a difficult time get tickets for 3 of our students because the flights were very booked. Luckily, we got the tickets after being on the weighting list for weeks.

During the month of October, it is a nice time to visit New Zealand to see a bit of snow without the weather being too cold. It’s also the Thai school break, it seems that everyone wants to experience a bit of cold in New Zealand and get away from the wet, humid weather in Thailand for a change.