School children reported sighting of tiger behind school

Amazingly two students at my school claimed that they sighted a tiger behind the school fence. There are many rumors flying around the school and it has been reported on the Thai news. Whether it is a tiger or not remains to be seen.

To recount what little we know so far: two fourth grade students were playing PE on the school yard on Monday when they saw a large animal by the fence at the back of the school. It is not uncommon for their to be water buffalo behind the school, but the students looked again to confirm what they saw because it appeared to be a large orange cat (we’ll call it a ‘tiger’ from now on). The boy told his friends about the tiger sighting, but they laughed at him and so he didn’t tell anyone else.

Of course, the students talked about what the boy had said and finally the teachers got wind of it. This afternoon as I went to teach my 1 o’clock class the two students were called to the principal’s office to retell what they had seen. The student drew a picture of a tiger to clarify that they had seen a tiger and not a water buffalo. The boy was offended that no one seemed to believe that he knew what a tiger looked like.

The principal took action and called the authorities. Several rescue units arrived at the school and investigated the area behind the school’s fence. Indeed there were foot prints that resembled a cat’s. These footprints were very large, larger than a human’s hand, and indicated a large cat. However, there have been no further sightings of the tiger. The news reporters caught wind of the story from the police band radio and the story of the tiger sighting in the area of the Loatian Embassy has been on the Thai news as early as 15:00, although nothing is offical yet and confirmation from an expert from the Dusit Zoo is still pending.

In an event that the tracks do belong to a member of the big cat family, the authorities have assured us that they will be taking the necessary steps to remove the animal from the vicinity. The school, in the meantime, is take the necessary precautions to keep the students safe by keeping them in the school buildings and as far from the school fence as possible. Teachers are surprised at the recent events and are keeping watchful survellience over their students. Authorities are standing guard around the fence, hoping to sight the tiger or the animal that has caused all of this commotion at our little school.

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