Joey has his 15 seconds of fame

My co-worker was in the right place at the right time to have his earthquake experience recorded and publicized. He has been a Bangkokian for several years now and writes of a few earthquake experiences that he has had over that time.

Joey Bourgoin of Bangkok, Thailand
I am a Canadian living in Bangkok and had taken friends up to the 61st & 62nd floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel’s rooftop restaurant to get pictures of the sunset. I felt some swaying and as I mentioned it to my two friends, they, too, felt it. The staff started looking a bit surprised and was looking around and asked if we were feeling the earthquake, because we obviously had. Security was quickly speaking into his radio and everyone just stood around waiting for direction. It lasted a few minutes and nothing else was said from the staff, so we left, unsure of what had happened. When I got home I checked my e-mail and immediately found my CNN Alert and found out about the earthquake. I was here for the ’04 earthquake and felt that one as well in my 18th floor condo, and small cracks were found throughout my building from that quake. Many building were evacuated for the ’04 quake but I have seen nothing so far about any evacuations this time in Bangkok.

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