Gloomy weather in the City of Angels

The sun has been avoiding our fair city of Bangkok lately. It’s hard to wake up in the morning when you’re use to the sunlight busting through the curtains and forcing you to wake up. Clouds have been a more common site with a sprinkling of rain now and again.

Last night I saw an errie glow of the moon behind a veil of clouds. The moisture in the air was all around me and I could feel the weight of the air around me. Of course, with that amount of water in the air, the humidity is very high and rain is always emminent. It’s been raining practically ever night and sometimes in the afternoons as well.

The only good thing about all this gloom is that it’s not so damn hot at the momment. Muggy? Yes! Stuffy? Yes! Rainy? Yes. But, it seems that we are having a bit of that rain that is implied of when we say “It’s the rainy season.”

I can’t say that gloomy, cloudy humid weather is any better than hot, sunny humid weather but it is a change from the normal sun, sun and more sun that characterizes Thailand, especially the city of Bangkok. Cheers to you fellow Bangkokians and here’s to sleeping in late on the upcoming weekend and cloudy morning skies.

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