Monday August 20th declared holiday!!

As if there haven’t been enough Monday holidays lately, the Thai  government has turned this coming Monday into a spontaneous day off. The reason is to encourage workers in Bangkok who are registered to vote outside of Bangkok to return to their home provinces over the weekend. They hope that more people will vote during the Sunday August 19th elections.

Whether or not this ploy will work or not is yet to been seen. Chatuchak Market seems noticable devoid of Bangkokians and was overflowing with foreigners instead. Several merchants commented on the lack of Thai shoppers. This could also be influenced by the end of the month syndrome. Symptoms include multiple long weekends, shopping sprees, empty wallet and budgeting for cheap meals.

I, for one, will not be doing my duty as I will not be going to Songhkla (several of my cousins are in the same boat here). Perhaps I need to think further ahead next time and do the absentee ballot. Oh well. Instead, I will mark this election day by attending the long awaited Gwen Stefani concert. Awesome!!!

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