House guests get in the way of blogging

Since my last post in July I have had little sleep and have spent too many hours driving around the country of Thailand. Several longtime friends from the US are visiting me and I have become a personal tour guide for the moment. I have managed to squeeze all of the my regular classes into as few days as possible so that I could take 2 three-four day weekends (Mother’s Day holiday helped too!). I was in charge of all the travel and accommodation arrangements, so a lot of decisions rested with me through the Northern Thailand/Khao Yai trip and the Southern /Islands trip.

I had sent an itinerary prior to my friends arrival in Bangkok according to what they had emailed me before about their preferences towards travel destinations, activities, and cost. Mostly they wanted a bit of sun, culture and good food. In Thailand, these three things are found in abundance, so it was a matter of narrowing down the choices. Of course, my own preferences to activities were also factored in as I created the five day/four night Northern Thailand trip, including Chiang Mai, and the four days/four nights Southern Thailand (Koh Phangan and Koh Tao) trip.

These trips will be the basis of most of my travel blogs to come as I took many photos on the trips and learned more about the different destinations as I become the “tour guide” rather than the tourist. Sometimes I asked locals to find out more information or to help answer the questions of my friends. It was a learning experiences and I quite enjoyed it. The only downside to the entire experience is having to keep your energy up, getting enough sleep and eating properly so that your body doesn’t get worn down from being constantly on the go.

Despite all the extra hassle of managing the travels of yourself and 5 or 6 other people, it was definitely worth it to have the opportunity to see more of Thailand’s, experience new things and meet interesting people. Coming back to dirty, congested Bangkok is always a double-edged sword as working in Bangkok funds all of my travels quite nicely. Luckily the Thai government has decided to have the third long weekend in four weeks due to the major elections accoring next weekend (August 18-20) in an effort to encourage people to go to their hometowns and vote. All that really means to me is that I get an extra day to recuperate after sending my friends off at the airport and maybe being able to spend a leisurely weekend in and around Bangkok for a change.

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