First Class Health Care in Bangkok

Bumrungrad Hospital is a private hospital located at Sukhumvit Soi 3 (Nana Nua), Wattana, Bangkok 10110. As one of Thailand’s leading hospitals, Bumrungrad offers a range of services and English speaking staff. There are many clinics including Endocrinology (Diabetes & Metabolism), Nephrology (Kidneys), Neurology (Nervous System) and Nutrition. There is also a special heart center which has the finest Thai and internationally trained cardiac specialists, as well as modern technology and word class facilities. There is also a plastic surgery center featuring reconstructive procedures, skin treatments, hair transplants and LASIK Laser Refraction Surgery (sight correction).

Most doctors at Bumrungrad Hospital are trained in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Bumrungrad is known for its excellent service and the cost is significantly les than an American hospital. The cost of a private room is a mere $40 USD, which is much less than the cost of a semi-private room in the states. This medical facility definitely caters to expatriates and well-to-do Thais. It is not usual to see people of different ethnicities as Bumrungrad Hospital is known for its medical tourism and high quality of healthcare in Thailand’s capital. For procedures which are expensive in their own country or elective treatments which are not covered by insurance, traveling to a foreign county may be a viable option. At Bumrungrad Hospital, you don’t have to worry about sleazy doctors or procedures going bad. Your dollar (or other foreign currency) will buy you superb care and service at one of Thailand’s finest hospitals.

If you enter at the main entrance, you can use the hospitals valet service. Hospital staff are available to assist you immediately upon arrival if needed. Walking into the lobby of the hospital, you feel like you are walking into a four star hotel. The atmosphere is posh and feels a bit like a resort. The furniture was plush and comfortable and the decorations added to the soothing feeling in the lobby. Next to the entrance is a Starbucks and on the second floor there is an Au Bon Pain, McDonald’s and several other restaurants for the hospital patients and visitors.

Inside the private patient rooms, there is the hospital bed and various medical equipment. The hospital bed itself is newer looking than many that I have seen in the States. The room is a bit sparse, but it seems necessary for a room that needs to be sterilized regularly. There is a vinyl sofa for visitors to sit while coming to see patients at the hospital (or spend the night to keep them company). There are also several chairs around the room and a small table near the sofa. The hospital room even has a hot water maker, sink, wrap around privacy curtain and hand sanitizer, in addition to other typical room amenities.

As I have never been a patient at Bumrungrad Hospital, I cannot attest to the hospital’s services from first hand experience.  I did visit the father of a friend in the hospital and was impressed with the hospital’s infrastructure, cleanliness, attention to detail and the friendly staff. It appears to be a wonderful place to have a peaceful, stress-free recovery while have reduced medical expenses (compared to Western countries) and superb medical services. If you are looking into a medical vacation in Thailand, consider looking into Bumrungrad Hospital or one of the country’s other leading hospitals in Bangkok.

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