Lucky number 7 in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is a very supersititious country. It is common for Thais to extract wild meanings out of the most mundane events. Did you step on a gecko? Did a bird poop on you? These are considered lucky and often are translated in to numbers to be used in the Thai lottery. July has been the month for the number 7.  People around the country were expecting July 7, 2007 (7/7/07) to be an auspicious day.

In fact, it really was for one Bangkok taxi driver. This particular taxi driver was driving a taxi with the license plates number 7777 and early in his shift he picked up a pregnant woman and the young couple that was escorting her to the hospital.

The taxi ride became interesting when said pregnant woman gave birth to a baby boy before reaching the hospital. Mother and child were put in a room on the seventh floor of the hospital when they arrived. The taxi driver visited the baby that had caused such a commotion by being born in his taxi. He also went to the temple to make merit after the curious event.  

Yesterday, television network channel 7 visited the mother and baby and is sponsoring the child’s education. They will give the boy 7,000 baht each year for his tuition and books until he finishes college. What a lucky boy!

To top it all off, on July 16, 2007 the Thai lottery came out last 2 digits being 77. This number was very popular so the tickets cost almost 200 baht a pair. One unlucky vendor was stuck with a tray of lottery tickets ending in 77 twenty minutes for the numbers were announced. Just before the numbers came out, someone came and bought all the lottery tickets that she had. One the one hand she got her money back, but she missed out on 2,000 baht a pair if she hadn’t sold them at all. Poor girl!

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