Exotic Pets – Sugar Gliders from Chatuchak Market

I’ve known about these little creatures from Australia since I was in high school. My cousin in Arizona had one named Pewee. I was researching sugar gliders as soon as I got back to California. Unfortunately for me, it is prohibited to own sugar gliders in California. At the time, I was getting ready to go to college as well, so owning a sugar glider was out of the question.When I was walking through Chatuchak Market in Bangkok over a year ago and came across some sugar gliders in the pet section, I about flipped. I went to a couple of different shops asking the price and care requirements. I was a bit hesitant at first, but the following weekend, I went back to the shop that I felt the most comfortable with and bought a male joey for 2,300 baht.
I spent quite a bit of time bonding with the little sugar glider, which I named Clark Kent, and at first he was pretty scared of being handled. But after a few days, he was fairly eager to crawl around on me when I brought him out of his cage. During the next few weeks, I did more and more research on the Internet about sugar gliders and decided to by another joey to keep Clark Kent company.
Three weeks after buying my first joey, I went back to the same shop and bought a female joey, they only had females at the time, and introduced her to Clark Kent. At first they were crabbing at each other and the female joey, Lois Lane was quite scared of the larger male joey. He was only three weeks older than her, but he was quite a bit bigger. I had to keep them in separate bonding pouches at first and they kept to themselves when I put them in the same cage, but by the next day they were cuddling in the same sleeping nest. Clark and Lois Lane have been inseparable ever since.

Update: A recent visit to Chatuchak Market to sell Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s joey revealed that the price for sugar gliders has fallen. Males can easily be purchased for $1,600 baht although some stores sell females for a little more. The resale on baby gliders is quite low and you’ll get less than $1000 for a healthy joey. Females may bring a higher price than the males, of course.

2 thoughts on “Exotic Pets – Sugar Gliders from Chatuchak Market

    1. Yes, my sugar gliders are still healthy. They are now 5 years old. They did have one joey at time, but I didn’t keep the youngster. They are readily available in Chatuchak Market and are less expensive now.

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