Parking is hard to come by

After a vicious workout on Fridy night with a coworker, the two of us were starving and looking for a quick bite to eat. We were going to get a salad but thought “let’s get something fast” for dinner because it would be less effort. So we got in my car and decided to go get some rice dishes at a small restaurant nearby. We left the house at around 7:30pm.

Now, parking is always a bit of a problem on Pracautid Road because their are rules about parking on the sides of the street according to day and time of day. At night, you cannot park on the street legally until a certain hour. Typically it is easiest to park on a small side street instead in order to avoid the hassle of a parking ticket. We tried to park at the Park Plaza parking lot near the Lotus Express, but alas, there was no parking at all. Plenty of other people were circling as well, so we decided to go eat somewhere else.

Then we had the brilliant idea to go to the Esplanade. Stupid move! We were in the parking struture for at least 30 minutes. We went all the way up, searching for a stop, and then all the way down. We even went to the outdoor parking lot next to the Baryan Tree and Inch Clubs. No luck at all. We left the parking structure without getting any food at all. By this time it was 9:00pm and our stomachs were growling very loudly.

Two centers over was the Carrefour/Homepro complex. We thought that this might be the place where we could get a parking spot and a bite to eat quickly. We drove in past the Carrefour entrance and our hearts sank as we saw all the cars. Then, a wonderful thing happened! A truck pulled out of a parking spot right next to the entrance, right in time for us to park. Luck was finally on our side.

We walked into the Carrefour and went to the food court. We each bought a 100 baht card to use in the food court and went about grabbing the quickest meal we could before the food court closed. It was about 9:45pm by the time our stomachs were satisfied with Lad Na, Coke Zero and some fruits. It was a wonderful meal after all that searching for a parking spot and a quick, easy meal. I suppose that on a Friday night, everyone is looking to be out and about. The best place to be for a no-effort meal is really, HOME.

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