A Peak into thte Past – Koh Kred

Bangkok is a megatropolis that greatly contrasts the traditional Thai lifestyle that still persists in the countryside. But, right in the middle of the Chao Phraya River you can find a small haven that is a thrown back to a forgotten time in Bangkok’s history.

On any weekend, hundreds of Thai tourists visit Koh Kred. This small island (4 km perimeter) is located in Pakkred and is known for its clay pottery. Visitors can come via river or car to the island and spend several hours taking in the history, wooden Thai houses, artistry and craftsmanship. Like most Thai tourist destinations, food and sweets abound and you can’t go 2 meters without being tempted by the next food stall.
Koh Kred is covered in Wats and as you walk along the perimeter of the island you will past several of them. The main attraction at Koh Kred is the opportunity to see potters work at their craft. There are working pottery shops that permit visitors to view the process of making clay pots and sculptures. The large kilns are made of clay bricks and are heated most of the time. In an effort to cool down the pottery shop, sprinklers are placed on the roof and the water trickles down constantly.

This island also floods frequently during the winter season when the Chao Phyra River has a high water level. Many of the vendors stated that the walking path through the shops was completely flood. The locals had to use boats to move in between houses, go to school and work. At these times, tourists do not visit Koh Kred and their main source of income dries up until the flood waters recede.

Koh Kred is a wonderful day to spend a weekend morning. Visit early so that you can experience the artisan atmosphere at Koh Kred and escape the midday heat. The potters in the pottery shops do go to lunch at noon and you’ll want to see the pottery demonstration when they are around. There is plenty of food and drinks available to satisfy your hunger and thirst. I recommend that you have lunch on the island before going about the rest of your day and head off to your next destination.

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