National Science Museum in Rangsit

The National Science Museum, also known as the Technopolis Science Museum, was built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of HM Queen Sirikit. The museum is housed in a cube inspired building which is balanced on its points and made out of fiberglass, steel and glass. The National Science Museum is park of the Technopolis Complex that will consist of the Science Museum along with the Natural History Museum, the Ecology and Environment Museum and the Aviation and Telecommunications Museum. The museum is a short drive from Bangkok in Pathumthani.

There are six floors in the
National Science Museum which provide hours of topics to explore. The museum is a great place to learn about science and has many hands-on exhibits that children and adults will enjoy. Give yourself some time to browse through the museum. If you understand Thai, you may want to see one of the science shows available as they are educational and entertaining.


The exhibits in the museum are focused around the following six themes:

  1. Pioneering Scientists  – the work and contributions of famous scientists
  2. History of Science and Technology – origin of Homo sapiens and the progress of science.
  3. Basic Technology and Energy – covers sound, math, light, electricity, magnetism, force, movement, resistance, heat, substance and chemical energy, and many other topics.
  4. Science and Technology in Thailand – facts about Thailand: its climate, ecology, agriculture, industries, geological features and geography.
  5. Science and Technology in Everyday Life – covers body and health, communication and transportation, quality of life and life in the future
  6. Technology of the Thai Wisdom – Thai cultural heritage and traditional Thai arts and crafts

The first two topics have really dry and boring exhibits and you can go through these floors rather quickly. However, you will end up spending most of your time of floors 3-5 as this is where all of the hands-on and interactive exhibits are. Most of the exhibits are have explanations in English and Thai, so you don’t have to worry about reading Thai descriptions. If you like museums like the Exploratorium in San Francisco in California, you will enjoy these educational and fun exhibits at the National Science Museum.

Included in the price of admission is the Natural History Museum, which is on the other side of the parking lot. This museum doesn’t seem finished and there are only a few exhibits. They have a nice display about biological sciences and genetics, as well as preserved specimens. There are a few live specimens in the museum and you can see some of live fish, insects and mammals.

Address: Soi Klong 5 Rangsit, Nakon Nayok Road, town of Tha Khlong, Khlong Luang district, Pathumthani Province

Tel: (02) 577-9999Hours: 09:30-17:00 Tuesday-Sunday, Monday closed

Admission: Children/students free, adults 50 baht

To get there: If you are going by car from Bangkok take the Northern Expressway to Rangsit, or the Eastern Outer Ring Road to Rangsit. It is approximately 10 minutes from Future Park Shopping Center. There are signs which direct you to Technopolis Park, which is where the museum is located. Once inside Technopolis, go straight and take the first left. Head towards the cube shaped building and park in the adjacent parking lot. You can also take an air-conditioned bus (no. 1155) from Rangsit Market or Future Park Shopping Center. 

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