Movie season begins as summer blockbusters arrive

After a period nothingness, it is time for moviegoers to get ready for a mirad of movies hitting theaters. It is the summer movie season in North America and it is when many movie companies release their summer blockbusters. Recent movies that have been released in Thailand in May and June worth mentioning are Spiderman 3, Shrek the Third, Ocean’s Thirteen and Pirates of the Carribbean: At World’s End.

The summer is only beginning and a slew of movies have yet to appear on the big screen. Upcoming movies that will be in theaters over the next few months are Happily Ever After, Ratatouille, Perfect Stranger, Bourne Ultimatum, Fracture, Arthur and the minimoys, Evan Almighty, Transformers and the next installment of Harry Potter. This doesn’t even include the Thai and other foreign movies available in the near future.

With the low cost for movie tickets in Thailand compared to countries inthe North America and Europe, it is more than a deal to see these blockbusters with the big screen experience. Seeing larger than life images with surround sound in a darkened theater only enhances the effects created by movie directors and performers to lure you into their fantasy.

However with the chill factor in Bangkok’s movie theaters, it’s a good idea to bring a jacket or scarf to keep yourself nice and warm during the hours you’ll spend in the freezing theaters. Otherwise you may find yourself shivering uncomfortably throughout the movie. Also, people in Bangkok rarely get a chance to wear winter apparel. You might as well take the opportunity to wear that jacket that hangs unused in your closet.

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