Detox results – 2 months later

It has been 9 weeks since I exited the Detox program at Rasayana Resort. Since school has started, many people have been surprised by the change in my appearance. They all want to know my secret.  I think that the cleansing program has acted as a catalyst in my weight loss. While both of the people who did the cleanse with me have lost weight and improve their health in other ways, I had the most dramatic weight loss to date at roughly 6 kilograms.

The amount of weight lost post-detox is surprising to me as well. In the months after the detox I have continued to each more vegetables and fruits, but I have started having more treats like milk teas and desserts. Overall my meals have been lighter and portions remain smaller than pre-detox. Since the school year started and I have been teaching again, I have had less time to exercise consistently during the week. I manage to do a one hour bike ride on the weekends and some weight training 1-2 times a week.

Even at times when I expect no weight loss or even a potential weight gain, I manage to lose a couple more pounds. I really can’t explain the ease at which I am losing weight. I only wish that is was always this easy. Several of the parents at the school have mentioned that they are interested in doing a cleansing program after seeing my results. Since my cousins have not had the experience, the results seem to be atypical. I do think that I have been more consistent in maintaining healthy eating and exercise habits. I am curious to see the results of others who do the cleansing program.

I am really glad that I did the detox, even though the experience was rather trying. I never thought that I would do something like colonic irrigation and be able to stick to such a strict diet. Now I know that I have the willpower to commit to a tough routine if I wish to, at least in the short term. I would definitely recommend that people who are interested in doing a cleansing program try it because the results could be more than you hoped for.

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