Schools closed due to political verdicts

Many schools in Bangkok were closed today and others were dismissed early for fear that the verdict given by the Constitution Tribunal would result in unrest. All Thai network channels televised the reading of the verdict which dissolved the dominant Thai Rak Thai Party, lead by ex-primer Thaksin Shinawatra. The verdict also banned Thaksin and 110 top Thai Rak Thai members from political life for five years.

The judges felt that the crimes committed by the Thai Rak Thai party are dangerous to democracy. Two party members were found guilty of hiring small parties in the April 2006 election to run against Thai Rak Thai nominees. Some are afraid that the ban of leading political figures will create a negative climate for the country’s political future.

The verdict place the majority of the blame for the Thai Rak Thai unscrupulous political dealings on the founder and former-leader Thaksin Shinawatra. The judges felt that Thaksin had used the party for his own personal interest. It is unclear what will happen to the Thai Rak Thai party in the immediate future.

The scare that violence might erupt after the verdict was announced was unfounded after all . Only a few peaceful protesters gathered in three locations in Bangkok and the security force was not needed at all.

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