Rasayana Retreat Detox Basics

When you go to Rasayana Retreat for the first time, you might be undecided about whether or now you want to go through the cleansing process. They have orientations available for people interested in learning more about the process and other treatments they offer.The day that I went to Rasayana, there were five people in the orientation. The representative from Rasayana could speak Thai and English. She went through the cleansing process in detail.

First, everyone who does a cleans must go through the 7 day cleansing and are recommended to spend a few days in a precleanse. A precleanse (step one) helps your body to adjust from your normal dietary habits to the foods that you will eat during the cleanse. Some people will only do the 7 day cleanse (step two), while others will do 2-3 week cleanses (step three and four). Each step reduces the amount of solid and alkaline foods that you consume which makes it easier for your body to detoxify itself.

Second, the cleanse consists of increased consumption of alkaline foods, elimination of acidic foods and artificial sodium, eating herbal supplements and ‘scrubbing’ shakes. This will be the most difficult part of cleanse for most people as it requires a lot of willpower to eat only fruits and vegetables, take 6 herbal pills 5 times daily and drink a Clay/Fiber Shake 3-5 times daily.  The packet that they distribute once you start the course explains in detail the foods you should and shouldn’t eat, the different pills and supplements that you will be eating and the schedule for each event in the detox process.

Third, the cleanse process involves regular colonics on Day 1, 3, 5, and 7 of each week. Many people are hesitant about having colonic irrigation and it is an embarrassing topic. The staff at Rasayana Retreat are very professional and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. It is alot like going to the doctor’s office in a spa environment. You are given you own treatment room with ensuite bathroom. They give you a hospital gown to change into.

In the treatment room, the technician will instruct you throughout the process so that you will know what to expect. If you feel uncomfortable with the technician being in the room while you evacuate your system, they will leave you alone. The process is most effective when you relax and become more comfortable. Afterwards you can enjoy a shower before changing back into your street clothes.

The steps in detail:

Step One – Two shakes daily, one first thing in the morning and one in the afternoon. You can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. 6 herbal pills takes 1.5 hours after the consumption of solid/alkaline foods (each meal).

Step Two – This is where you start the routine of shake/herb/shake/herb. No breakfast at all in this step, but you can mix fruit or vegetable juice into your shakes instead of plain water. In the morning it is shake, herb, shake, herb every 1.5 hours. At lunch you can eat fruits and/or vegetables seasoned anyway you like but twith no salt. Rasayana Retreat recommends different herbs, pepper and raw honey. 1.5 hours after lunch do another set of herb, shake, herb and another meal of fruits andor vegetables for dinner. Follow the meal with another batch of herbal pills in 1.5 hours and then at bedtime beneficial bacterial pill Flora Grow.

Step Three – Same as Step Two except that dinner is replaced by a shake. The solid/alkaline food is limited to one meal a day.

Step Four – Same as Step Two except that lunch and dinner are replaced by a shake. At this stage you are consuming the least amount of solid/alkaline foods and your body is at it’s maximum detoxing ability.

This concludes the basics about Rasayana Retreat’s detox cleansing process. Anyone interesting in learning more about the detox is encouraged to contact or visit Rasayana Retreat directly as they are the experts.

One thought on “Rasayana Retreat Detox Basics

  1. I had been feeling quite tired and ‘flat’ lately, and I had put it due ti stress, work… I needed a vacation! So when the time came I searched on the internet and checked out a resorts, I went to Thailand. To a little island on the Gulf called Koh Samui, and from all the spa resorts I choosed Kamalaya Koh Samui.

    Once there, I saw that they had a wide array of tratments, therapies, programs, retreats… So I decided to do something for me on the holiday. I went for a detox retreat.

    I cannot stress enough how good that was for me, I feel great in myself. And it’s not only the holiday period, normally I feel quite depressed to come back to work. Detoxing is one of the best things I have ever done for myself, I feel too quite inspired to begin new projects and take good care of myself.

    Thank you for all the detox information and inspiration, it helps me to have more knowledge and living even healthier.


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