Listening to toad croaking all night

Behind my house is a large undeveloped area that is prime habitat for wildlife. Regularly, I sit on my balcony and watch the birds that visit our trees and forage in this patch of wilderness. The rainy season is here and I’ve spent the past few nights listening to a nature soundtrack rendered by another type of animal.

The music starts in the evening and it is a constant symphony of croaks, ribbits and chirps. The melody changes are high pitched noised begin and lower pitched noises droan on. Dogs barking and other load noises do little to stop our musician. The music continues uninterrupted for most of the night.

This kind of behavior signals the beginning of the mating season. Our frog and toad friends are calling out to find a suitable mate. The females are given clues about a male by his call, like his size and species. The continuous calling will help her seek him out if she thinks he is suitable. The rains have turned many areas into marshy wetland that amphibians desire as hatcheries for their young. Water is where the eggs will be laid and later the tadpoles will live in until they change into their adult forms. Breeding early in the season will ensure that standing water will be around long enough for tadpoles to reach adulthood.

The past few nights I have slept soundly and stayed in  bed a little longer than usual. Does the amphibian symphony have anything to do with it? The sounds bring nature right into my bedroom. Even while watching TV the croaking can still be heard. The sounds make you feel like you are alone in the wild and far from civilization. It is hard to remember that I am in a huge city like Bangkok.

I hope that the little Romeos croaking their little hearts out find their Juliets.

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