Cows cause problems for morning commute in Bangkok

As I was making my way through the maze of small streets that I use to get from my house to work, there was a unusual backup in the soi. The soi, like most sois in Bangkok, is small and two cars can barely pass while dodging fences, plant pots, telephone poles and pot holes. Normally traffic flows through okay, but this morning the cars on both sides were at a stand still.

At first the cause of this congestion was unknown because only a mass of cars were visible. Slowly, the cars on the other side of the street inched forward and revealed a small herd of cows walking down the middle of the street. Most of the cows were walking together on the opposite side of the street from me. It was as if the cars had been replaced with cows. A few cows were seperated from the main group and walked towards cars head on or stood on the side of the soi looking confused. Walking behind the crowd was a mother cow proding her calf from behind.

All of the drivers tried their best to weave around the cows very slowly. The animals didn’t startle and merely went along at their leisure. The sight was amusing, even though it caused many people to be delayed.

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