No Passenger Service Tax for international departures

Having been accoustomed to the 500 baht airport tax at Bangkok’s Don Muang airport, I was surprised to learn that you no longer have to pay this amount before you leave the country. Unfortuantely, the tax did not disappear.

At Suvarnabhumi the counters that previously handled this service sport a sign telling you that the fee is now included in the price of your airline ticket. What they don’t tell you is that the airport tax increased to 700 baht as of February 2007. If you want to leave Thailand, you will just have to pay the extra 200 baht.

It’s nice that you don’t have to worry about keeping extra Thai baht on hand before you exchange your currency. Now you can buy some snacks at the airport’s food area (which is on the 3rd floor, the signs are hard to read) or some gifts instead. The added conveinence is nice, even though it is harder to see where your money is going when all taxes and fees are combined into your airfare.

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