Using a spoon as a bottle opener

While at Railay Beach in Krabi, we stayed at a Muslim owned resort. That meant that there was no alcohol or pork in the resort restaurant. There was ham and sausages at breakfast, but they might have been some other kind of meat. Although no alcohol was served by the resort, they didn’t have any policies about not bringing alcohol in.

One thing to be careful about when you bring containers into the resort is that most bottle caps in Thailand aren’ttwist tops. If you buy cans, you won’t have to worry about opening the bottle at all. For some types of beverages however, cans are not available. In this case, you can usually open the bottle at the counter where you buy it. This is handy if you will be drinking it right away.

In our case, we got all the way to the resort before we worried about how to open the bottle. We tried asking a couple of the resort staff for a bottle opener, but no luck. There was no bottle opener in the room and we were beginning to think that the bottle would have to keep until later. Then I noticed the coffee/tea area had a few spoons. The spoon looked to be strong enough so we used it to pry the edges of the bottle cap up. The bottle was turned as the edges slowly got loosened and finally removed. I did scratch myself with the sharp edges of the bottle cap and drew a little blood.

Lesson learned: If you are stuck without a bottle opener, get creative and you’ll be able to enjoy your drink.

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