Cha-am Food Fair May 9-12

The 4th annual Cha-am Food Fair is being held nightly from May 9 to the 12th in the quiet seaside town of Cha-am. The fair is located right on the main beach road and can’t be missed if you come in from the main road.

For anyone that has gone to Hua Hin, you probably passed Cha-am in the blink of an eye. Others may visit Cha-am as a quieter, cheaper and more Thai alternative to Hua Hin. The town has it’s own charms and worth a visit if you like a slower pace and don’t mind the lack of nightlife.

The Cha-am Food Fair was a nice place to sample Thai food, particularily seafood. Many of the foods were fried, like fried fish, shrimp and crab. Most of the food were in the 20-30 baht range so it is easy to buy a couple of different dishes and share. There were also food stalls sponsored by local hotels and offer food and desserts made by their chefs. The desserts from the Holiday Inn and Long Beach Cha-am Hotel were tasty.

On opening night, the Governor and other provincial officials spoke at length about encouraging tourism by having hygenic food standards for Thais and foreigners. The Cha-am Food Fair only had food vendors that passed the Clean Food Good Taste standards.

After several speeches, there was a performance by Chinese dogs and dragons with a loud drum. Other highlights are free suckling pig, fireworks, and performances by lady boys and local school children. Many people at the tables in the middle of the food court were enjoying liters of beer as well.

Overall, the Cha-am Food Fair was a nice way to spend a night in Cha-am and it definitely livened up that sleepy town for a few nights at least.

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