Considering teaching in Thailand?

kara teachingMany people who want to explore Thailand consider the possibility of living and working in Thailand. Unless you work for a large company that has operations in Thailand, it can be difficult to get a high paying, professional job. Teaching is a viable option to keep you based in Thailand.

As an educator, I hope you find out as much as you can before you sign a teaching contract. Teaching is not for everyone and you should do some soul-searching before you commit to it. Patience and understanding is a prerequisite, when dealing with students, parents and the administration.

Make sure that you decide to teach for the right reasons. This is especially true for teachers working in schools with youngsters. Teachers can make a huge impression upon young minds and that impression should be a good one. If possible, get some experience in the classroom or tutoring before stepping into teaching full-time. is the best place to find TEFL jobs in Thailand. They also provide lots of information for newbie teachers in Thailand. Spend some time browsing their site and forums for tips and advice given by people who are already teaching in Thailand.

English is the language in highest demand, so anyone with native-like fluency in English will have an edge in the job market. Speakers of other languages could look for position teaching their mother tongue, but their options will be limited compared to English teachers.

There are pros and cons to teaching in different parts of Thailand and you’ll want to consider your options. Employers may be government school, teacher agencies, privates school or language centers. If you prefer to work with adults, check out language centers and universities. Your working conditions and salary will vary by employer and your qualifications.

May is the beginning of the Thai school year, so February-May are good times to contact schools/companies and arrange interviews. Finding positions at other times is possible as teachers tend to come and go or positions go unfilled. It never hurts to send in your resume to the human resources manager and ask if any positions are available.

Job hunting tip: People who have TEFL or TESL certification and bachelor degrees will have the easiest time landing desirable positions. Prior teaching experience is a plus.

Image courtesy of pozzi24 at webshots

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