Getting good foreign currency exchange rates

One of the first things you must do when you come to Thailand is exchange your currency. You will need Thai baht to pay for transportation and anything you might what to eat, drink or buy. Thailand is a cash based economy and many small businesses and vendors deal exclusively in cash.

Private money changers, such as Super Rich, offer the best foreign exchange rates. The main Super Rich store is located at Pratunam, Rachadamri road, opposite of the Central World (formerly World Trade Center). Look for the orange colored signs and expensive cars parked out front. In that area there are a few stores that claim the name “Super Rich.” My experience has been with the stores named Super Rich 4711. They have another location off of Viphavadi Road in the market behind the Thai Airlines buildings.
Super Rich Store 2

Super Rich offers competitive rates that typically beat the current bank rates. Larger denomination notes give the best rates. The difference in the rate may be only a few tenths of a baht. If you are exchanging a small amount, it may not be worth the time and money to go to Super Rich. However, if you are looking to exchange larger sums or happen to be nearby, you’ll probably lose less money on the transaction.

How to get your money exchanged at Super Rich

  • Make sure you bring a passport or Thai ID card.
  • Super Rich only accepts cash.

The store can be crowded. Thais can be pushy and tend not to queue. You may need be a little more pushy than you would normally to get to the counter. Hand them your cash and passport. If you want a currency other than Thai baht, you will need to specify. They will give you a receipt with the amount you will receive based on the day’s buying or selling rates. There will be a sign posted somewhere behind the counter that you can consult when checking the accuracy of the amount. Wait a few minutes until they call your number or amount of money you are receiving. Once you get your cash, count it and check that you have your passport before leaving Super Rich.

Super Rich 4711

47/11 Rajadamri Road Lumpini Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 Thailand
Tel : 662-253-7811
Fax : 662-253780-4662

Image courtesy of lwkloretta at webshots

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