Blood donors needed, humans need not apply!

In Bangkok, Thonglor Pet Hospital has started a blood donor program with a twist – it’s for dogs and cats. This is in response to the need for blood that can help save critically injured or ill pets. The demand for dog and cat blood is huge and there is a lack of knowledge about this need. The hospital has very few dog and cat volunteers at the moment. Most pet owners, myself included, have never heard of animal blood donors. A huge cause of this shortage is that most people don’t even know that there is a need for it. In other words, a lack of awareness about the problem.

The Bangkok Post has given the Thonglor Pet Hospital’s program some great publicity in their Outlook section. The hospital is trying to educate pet owners about the blood donation process and hopefully encourage more blood donations. The vets claim benefits for the donors as well. Healthy pets will be even healthier post-donation since they will be producing new blood cells. Another added health benefit is that before each donation, there will be a blood test that will help to detect any diseases. Regular blood tests may lead to early identification of hidden diseases or conditions that could go undetected otherwise.

maddie looks up

Large dogs, more than 50 pounds, are the best donors because they are able to donate more blood. Just as with humans, not all dogs and cats will be able to donate blood. The blood test will identify any conditions that may make the donor unsuitable. The best donor has a universal blood type, which only 1 in 15 dogs has. Current vaccinations and screening for diseases and blood disorders is also required.To donate your pet’s blood and help those pets who need it the most, contact the Thonglor Pet Hospital at the branch nearest you. Thonglor 02-712-6301-4, Ladprao 02-934-1407-9 or Sirinthorn-Pinkao 02-433-75501-1

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