Thai Discount Airlines

You used to only have  a few options in air travel within the Land of Smiles. These were the original airlines, Thai Airways International and Bangkok Airways. In recent years, new discount airlines are offering domestic travel options. There are great bargains to be had and can be booked on short notice. Just be careful of peak travel periods. A quick comparison between the regular cost carriers and the low cost variety revealed that 2 could travel travel on the discount carrier (Bangkok to Krabi) for the price of one of the regular cost carrier.

Low Cost Carriers

  • Nok Air (from Thai Airways
  • One-Two-Go (from Orient Thai)
  • Thai Air Asia (from AirAsia)

These are no-frills airlines with scheduled domestic and a few carrier have select international flights. They are based out of Bangkok, either Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi Aiport.  Bookings can be through the web, call center or at the airport counter. Payment can be made via credit card, airport counter or pay-point services like 7-11. Promotions are offered from time to time, like One-Two-Go’s flat fare of 1750 baht (including all fees and taxes) for any route in Thailand.

Reviews of discount carriers are mixed and you get what you pay for. The planes may be older and delays are the norm, but for travelers on a tight schedule, they provide an excellent travel alternative to road or rail. Many hotels and resorts also offer airport pickup as an added convenience. 

For passenger opinions of airlines and airports, visit Skytrax.

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