Top 5 reasons to love Thailand

People love Thailand. There is an intoxicating sense of adventure and freedom that calls you back again and again. Many who visit Thailand enjoy the kingdom’s laid back atmosphere and fun loving attitude. Here are the top 5 reasons people love to visit Thailand:

monks in the rain

  1. Thai people are so friendly. – Thailand earns it’s reputations as the Land of Smiles. Thai hospitality is legendary and many Thais got out of their way to make you feel welcome.
  2. Thai food is delicious. – The cuisine is splendid and world re-known. Thai food is tasty, spicy, fresh and best of all cheap. There is an abundance of tropical fruits, regional dishes, seafood and deserts to explore.
  3. Thailand is a beautiful country. – With its picturesque beaches, tropical forests, and waterfalls, Thailand’s scenery can take your breath away. Each region offers a different backdrop for your travels.
  4. There’s so much to do in Thailand. – Thailand has many activities to keep you entertained. You can experience the nightlife in clubs and bars, relax at resorts and spas, learn to scuba dive, cook or speak Thai, or shop ’til you drop.
  5. Thailand is a cultural treasure. – Thai  culture and architecture is graceful and intricate. The wats, monuments, festivals, traditional dancing, music and art give insight into the Thai spirit.

No matter how many times you’ve visited or how long you’ve been in Thailand, there will always be something new to explore. Thailand is a feast for the senses and keep you returning for more.

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